Ruminant (the Grand Masticator)


Originally part of the Fermentation Fest’s 2013 Farm/Art DTour in Reedsburg, Wis., popular demand kept this stained glass harvesting combine on display in the field until the following spring. In Fall of 2014, it reappeared in Downtown Reedsburg — as a permanent centerpiece in the newly created Harvest Park.



Le Bagatelle de Bagatelle


An Unconventional Mini-Golf Hole

for the Walker Art Center’s Artist-Designed Mini-Golf Course


Designed as a conceptual play on the true history of the pinball machine.



Ardee Awards


A Series of Bronze Trophies

for The Fête—Celebrating Excellence in the Arts at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN



Near-Mint Condition


A Stained Glass Tractor

for the 2010 Minnesota Biennial at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, MN




Healthy Acquaintances, Icons of Medicine,

and Random Survey Pulse (RCTC Project Page)


A Series of Public Art Installations

for Rochester Community and Technical College — Medical Sciences Building, Rochester, MN.

This set of installations includes a stained glass window bay, stained glass light fixtures and sculptural vitrines — all health and medically themed.





Commonweal Stash


A Series of Architectural Art Installations

for the lobby area of the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, MN

consisting of suspended and interactive sculptural elements, dioramas and vitrines —

based on a combination of the detritus of local rural culture and the Theatre’s own history.


Conservation of Energy and The Sun Touches All


A Series of Stained Glass Windows

adorning the window bays at John Marshall High School in Rochester, MN

incorporating reclaimed glass and dishware

and created together with the local student body as an integrative learning project.



Bluffland Highlights


A Regionally-Themed Stained Glass Window

for F&M Community Bank in Preston, Minnesota


Tessellated Mosaic


An Expanding Iron Tile Mosaic Created via a Series of Workshops

for and with Fillmore Central High School Students and Staff

in Harmony, MN

“Standard Issue” Iron Pours


A Series of Iron Pour Workshops at the Unnasch Family Farm — Since 2006.


“Glassicles” Chandelier-Style Installations


A Series of Three Sculptural Light Installations

Created out of Reclaimed Bottles and Drinkware




Winners of

multiple ICSC

U.S. MAXI Awards



Public Art Network

Year in Review

Winner for 2013


- Americans for the Arts,

Washington, D.C.



Burnt Matchstick


This 40-foot-tall steel-framed stained glass sculpture referencing a burnt wooden matchstick is currently on display at the Sculpture in Civic Center Park exhibition in

Newport Beach, California




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Seasonal Hide-and-Seek


A Regionally-Themed Stained Glass Window

for White Bear Lake Branch Library in White Bear Lake, Minnesota


Playtime in Indy


This 50-foot-tall holiday tree made entirely of toys and lit from within was installed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art / Newfields for the 2015, 2016 and 2017  holiday seasons.

Indianapolis, Indiana




Holiday Trees for Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland  — a Metro D.C. Community


Playtime Jubilee — 2013 — Whimsically Conjured Entirely of Toys and Sporting Goods


Silver Symphony — 2014 — Musically Themed Holiday Tree


Well-Seasoned Greetings — 2015 — Food-Themed Holiday Tree


Positivi-Tree — 2016 — Holiday Tree Representing Inclusivity, Protection, and Shelter


Good Energy Tree — 2017 — Holiday Tree Celebrating Renewable Energies

Florid and Droll


A Series of Five Sculptures with Backlit Stained Glass

Created using Reclaimed Gardening Implements

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Awarded one of six

Wisconsin Top

Rural Development


in 2016




Tribute ... Tarry (A Moving Water Perspective)

Tribute … Tarry (A Moving Water Perspective)


A sculpture crafted primarily from repurposed construction and housing materials

with a running water feature during the warmer months

for the La Crosse area Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Onalaska, WI



This 25-foot-tall steel-framed stained glass sculpture referencing a bloodroot flower was installed at Royal Botanical Gardens in July 2016.

Burlington, Ontario, Canada




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This 1930s McCormick Deering tractor is bedecked with locally themed backlit stained glass in the Artist’s signature style.

Montevideo, Minnesota