“Standard Issue” Iron Pours


A Series of Iron Pour Workshops Directed by Karl Unnasch

at the Unnasch Farm in Pilot Mound, MN




From 2006 onward



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Karl Unnasch Public Art, Stained Glass and Sculpture


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This series of photos is from


Standard Issue Iron Pour #7


October 20, 2012


at the Unnasch Farm

In Pilot Mound, MN

Since 2006, Artist Karl Unnasch has directed a series of iron pour workshops at the Unnasch family farm.


Often, these have been organized as a two-week retreat for artists /sculptors.




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Text Box: Feb. 20, 2013 — 
	approx. 6 min., beginning at Minute 11:36

KSMQ's "Off 90" Episode 407

This episode of Off90 begins with a story on a handwritten Bible in the Austin library, then gets down and dirty with Karl Unnasch as he and a group of tight-knit colleagues and friends cast works of art out of molten metal at an iron pour on his family farm.  

(Start at Minute 11:36)

(on YouTube, by Matt Bluhm)