Conservation of Energy      and      The Sun Touches All


Stained Glass Windows by Karl Unnasch for John Marshall High School

in Rochester, MN




2010 and 2011



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The Sun Touches All




Conservation of Energy




Text Box: March 9, 2011 — 
approx. 4 min.
In collaboration with John Marshall High School in Rochester, MN, Karl Unnasch taught students how to increase their understanding of stained glass art and its process.
(on Vimeo, by Forecast Public Art)

Conservation of Energy

The Sun Touches All

Made possible by a FORECAST public arts grant, this 2010 project at John Marshall High School in Rochester, MN not only helped to beautify the hallways but also involved the student body in its making, teaching them the ins and outs of creating stained glass.


Special thanks go out to:


- Forecast Public Art

- John Marshall High School

- Eric Decker

- Jan Suter

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