A Series of Three Sculptural Light Installations by Karl Unnasch:

Blue Ball, 2 Gingers, and Zuber




June 2014



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Karl Unnasch Public Art, Stained Glass and Sculpture


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- Soo Visual Arts Center

- The Weisman Art Museum

- Hennepin Theatre Trust

- Made Here

- 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

- Loring Corners

- Michael Cimino

- Anna Zellweger

- Joe Forrer














Originally created for the 2014 Northern Spark dusk-till-dawn art festival in Minneapolis, these three Glassicles by Karl Unnasch are sculptural light installations made from repurposed bottles and drinking devices.


The chandelier-like designs consist of a steel framework, reclaimed bottles and glassware held in place by a combination of outdoor-friendly glazing techniques, metal and rubber mounts.


As organized by Soo Visual Arts Center, these Glassicles were slated to be hung at The Weisman Art Museum, Loring Corners, and Made Here’s “Parklot” by the Orpheum during the festival.


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The Glassicles project at Northern Spark was

a group partnership with:





This whimsical array of martini glasses spiraling on blood-red leaded glass has found its permanent home at a Hennepin Theatre Trust site:  the New Century Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. 


Slated for hanging at the “Parklot” (Made Here’s pop-up park in the Orpheum parking lot at Hennepin and 10th) during the festival, this Glassicle could not be hung due to stormy conditions. 

2 Gingers


This installation was created entirely out of 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey bottles and will find its permanent home in the near future at a location of the company’s choice, to be announced.


Originally intended to be hung in the alley at Loring Corners, this Glassicle had to be installed in a less favorable indoor spot during the festival due to inclement weather conditions.   




Blue Ball


This bursting star of blue bottles was installed at the Weisman Art Museum during the festival. 



Articles & Press:


Shortlisted:  6 Things To See and Do at Northern Spark, Sheila Regan,, June 10, 2014














Zuber at New Century Theatre, Minneapolis

Blue Ball at the Weisman Art Museum