Sculptures Created for the GLEAM 2015 Exhibit


at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison, Wisocnsin


September 2—October 30, 2015

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Florid and Droll

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Florid and Droll is a series of five gardening and horticultural tools — a lawnmower, a wheelbarrow, a windmill, a chainsaw, and a group of bushel baskets — all inset with original backlit stained glass imagery.


The observant eye will discern portraits of subjects posing with fruits and vegetables in each.

Portrait of Man with Shredded Lettuce in Lawnmower


Portrait of Man with Carrot in Chainsaw


Portraits of People with Fruits and Vegetables  in Bushel Baskets


Portrait of Man with Beets in Wheelbarrow


Portraits of People with Fruits and Vegetables in Windmill


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Florid and Droll was originally created as an installation for the first annual GLEAM: Art in a New Light Exhibit in 2015, the pilot for an annual illuminated sculpture exhibition at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin. The pieces were peppered at intervals through the gardens.

Bushel Baskets



Articles & Press:


Light Joins Art After Dark at Olbrich Gardens, Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, Wis., Aug. 23, 2015





Special thanks go out to:


· Eric Walton

· Nicole Huss

· David Wells

· Olbrich Botanical Gardens and Staff

· Jon Adams and Twilight Solutions

· Tim Carroll, Jaime Carrera, Aaron Dysart, Alison Hiltner, Sam Spiczka, Roberto Visani, Jarad Christianson

· Mike Cimino




Windmill “Obelisk”

This project was executed with the expert lighting assistance of

Jon Adams




As the exhibit was temporary, most of these pieces are now available for purchase.  The stained glass panels can either remain in their original mounts or be removed and individually framed upon request. 


Please contact the Artist to inquire.

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Ruminant (the Grand Masticator)


Originally part of the Fermentation Fest’s Farm/Art DTour in October 2013 in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, popular demand kept this stained glass harvesting combine on display in the field until the following spring.  In Fall of 2014, it reappeared in Downtown Reedsburg — as a permanent centerpiece in the newly created Harvest Park.




Public Art Network

Year in Review

Winner for 2013


- Americans for the Arts,

Washington, D.C.



Commonweal Stash


A Series of Architectural Art Installations by Karl Unnasch

for the lobby area of the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, MN

consisting of suspended and interactive sculptural elements, dioramas and vitrines —

based on a combination of the detritus of local rural culture and the Theatre’s own history.


Near-Mint Condition


A Stained Glass Tractor by Karl Unnasch

for the 2010 Minnesota Biennial at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, MN