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Huntington Beach rendering, executed by Bailey Hart

Sunset Wave

Permanent Sculpture in Huntington Beach, California 


An original steel and stained glass sculpture has been fabricated in collaboration with
Sculptor Sam Spiczka to be installed in Huntington Beach, California in March 2020.

Inspired by the pre-dusk beauty on the western horizon, arcing shapes bring to mind the glorious fauna; the surf; the energy of this coastal landscape. Circled by a hint of glowing golden clouds, the stained-glass flare is a resplendent reminder that the sun is always here for us, even in the night.

Rendering executed by Bailey Hart.

SGAA Conference

Feature Speaker

SGAA Conference 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Karl Unnasch will be holding a speech titled On Being a Practical Utopian at the 111th Annual Conference of the Stained Glass Association of America, to be held from June 15-16, 2020 in Philadelphia.

More information on the SGAA website, here.

Operant (An Oldowonk Cataract)

Operant (An Oldowonk Cataract)

Currently Available 

This mixed-media installation based on a red dump truck acknowledges construction workers and laborers while celebrating the concepts of 'building' and 'making' in its stained glass imagery. It was on exhibit at The Auto Show on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, Massachusetts until Fall 2019, and is currently available for re-exhibit or permanent acquisition.

Burnt Matchstick

Burnt Matchstick

Current Exhibit in Newport Beach, California 


A groundbreaking sculpture of fabricated steel and backlit stained glass, this 40-foot-tall work is currently a focal piece at the Sculpture in Civic Center Park Exhibition in Newport Beach, California.